Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

  • 13th March 2020
We’re making adjustments to the way we operate due to the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our priority is to protect all staff and clients, whilst ensuring continuity of service to the fullest extent. We’ve made investments and improvements to our internal technology infrastructure so that we can operate most systems and processes remotely ...
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Saved Credit/Debit Cards Require Updating

  • 20th September 2019
What's happening? If you pay for services with us using a Credit or Debit card, we require you to re-enter your saved Credit/Debit card details. You can do this in our Portal, or by following the payment links in your next invoice email from us. Why? On 14th September 2019, the Financial Conduct Authority announced new and improved Credit/Debit ...
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Two-Factor Authentication Now Available

  • 30th August 2019
We have enabled Two-Factor Authentication for all new and existing accounts. Effective immediately, all users can now configure time-based tokens (e.g. for Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy etc.) to protect their accounts from unathorized access. Previously this feature was only available to business accounts, but after ...
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New cPanel Product & Pricing Structure

  • 9th August 2019
On September 1st 2019, cPanel are changing their product and pricing structure. This affects your hosting service from us, and your service fees will increase. What is cPanel? cPanel is the world’s most popular web hosting control panel, delivering fast and easy access to key functions like emails, file uploads, databases, PHP settings, ...
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