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Customers often ask us what we'd recommend they use as DNS resolvers on their server. This question isn't an easy one to answer when considering the performance-uptime balance, but we think we've got it just right. Here's what we recommend, in order of preference:

1. Google

2. NTT

3. Level(3)

Our first and strongest recommendation is Google's public DNS platform. As the name suggests, Google have purposely dedicated and as public DNS resolvers for anyone to use. Their platform is anycasted, which means DNS queries are served from the closest Google data centre to you for the fastest response. This also helps deliver localised IPs for CDNs or domains with geographical based DNS routing.

Our second recommendation is NTT. Similar to Google's public DNS platform, NTT also run an anycasted platform that is open for use by anyone. Their platform is just as fast as Google's in our experience and makes a great secondary resolver.

Last but not least is Level(3). Like the other two, Level(3)'s anycasted platform offers incredible performance. Level(3)'s six resolvers will respond to queries from any IP on the internet, however Level(3) recommend they should only be used by fellow Level(3) customers. That said, Level(3) have been running this public-facing platform for many years without interruption.

A lot of customers as about OpenDNS and Symantec platforms. There's nothing stopping you from using those instead, or in addition, however from tests we've gotten faster and more stable results from the three resolvers recommended above.

We hope this helps you with your choice!

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