Changes to streaming media services

  • Wednesday, 23rd June, 2021
  • 21:34pm

As we continually strive to improve and expand our products, we are announcing changes to our lineup of streaming media offerings. On September 1st 2021, we will be retiring our existing streaming products in favour of a new, improved and unified platform.


  1. We are disaggregating all streaming media primary servers, relays and AutoDJ storage to just two locations. Customers can choose from Coventry UK, or South Bend USA, according to their geographical location.
  2. Existing streaming plans based on listener count and fixed bandwidth streams will be discontinued. These are replaced by a new, single plan that flexes to accommodate multiple bitrates and listeners automatically, and will invoice based on usage.

  3. AutoDJ and primary streams are relayed around the world to our 50+ CDN PoPs at 256Kbit AAC, and listeners are automatically served by their closest location for fast streaming and minimal buffering.
  4. Listeners can select from three streams according to their bandwidth availability; 48Kbit/s AAC+ HE, 128Kbit AAC, 128Kbit MP3, or 256Kbit AAC.
  5. Streams are transcoded directly at our CDN PoP edges from 256Kbit AAC to the listener’s selected bitrate. This ensures minimal bandwidth waste and maximal quality.
  6. A playlist file is generated per AutoDJ or primary stream that cycles between the quality automatically, highest to lowest. Or, you can offer a fixed link to the stream quality (or multiple qualities) of your choice.

  7. The base plan costs $10 per month per AutoDJ or primary stream.
  8. The base plan includes 10GB AutoDJ storage, with additional storage at $0.25 per GB.
  9. The base plan includes 500 points. Once exceeded, each additional 500 point block is invoiced at $5.

  10. Bandwidth charges in Europe and North America are 1 point per MB. ($10/TB)
  11. Bandwidth charges in Africa are 3 points per MB. ($30/TB)
  12. Bandwidth charges in South America and Asia Pacific are 5 points per MB. ($50/TB)
  13. To help you work out bandwidth charges, 1 listener x 1 hour x 128Kbit stream uses approximately 60MB.


Why are we making these changes?

We’ve been paying close attention to the feedback from our streaming media customer base. They want to offer higher quality streams cost-effectively and without inflicting buffering. Additionally, as their listener base grows, they no longer want to be tied in to fixed maximum listener counts to accommodate huge bursts in listeners. Our new unified solution is the answer to all of these problems and ensures fair pricing for all.


What will happen to my existing stream?

Our experts will contact all customers to help onboard them to the new unified platform. The inbound primary stream links, internal AutoDJ control panel, and listener-facing stream links will require a change as part of the transition. We will assist you with making changes to ensure minimal interruption to your stream.

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