Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

  • Friday, 13th March, 2020
  • 20:52pm

We’re making adjustments to the way we operate due to the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our priority is to protect all staff and clients, whilst ensuring continuity of service to the fullest extent.

We’ve made investments and improvements to our internal technology infrastructure so that we can operate most systems and processes remotely with minimal interruption to service levels. Effective immediately, we are implementing a Work From Home policy for all staff. 


Customer/technical support commitment

Telephone support will be limited during this time. Most calls will be handled by our answering service, however technical support will be transferred to email, live chat and Portal only.

Online support via email, live chat and Portal will continue as normal. All staff have remote access to internal systems to continue supporting customers.

On-site support and meetings have been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a future date.

Billing operations will be limited during this time. There may be delays processing payments due to physical access limitations to banks and advisors.


Network availability and uptime guarantee

Like other ISPs, we are seeing an increase in network utilisation during the day and early evening periods, and we expect this to further increase as more people work from home. Our network is designed with ample headroom to facilitate spikes in traffic, however we are increasing network capacity at core and edge locations wherever possible to mitigate any potential bottlenecks.

Our business continuity planning allows our uptime guarantee to continue unaffected by today’s challenges and changes. We are confident in our ability to achieve and exceed response time targets to all incidents and outages throughout this time.



We urge customers to remain vigilant against security incidents. We have witnessed an uptick in phishing attempts using the Coronavirus as a lure, and expect this trend to rise as the virus reaches its peak. We have not seen any notable increase in network/DDoS attack traffic, however our security experts will continue to monitor and protect the network. 


Free VPN access to private networks

We have observed many of our customers implementing a Work From Home policy. We are providing free VPN access to enterprise customers with private networks, so that their staff may securely access internal systems while working from home. The VPN endpoints are designed to maintain up to 100 active sessions and will be provided free of charge with unmetered bandwidth until the Coronavirus outbreak is under control. Please raise a support ticket for further information and help implementing this.


Stay safe

We appreciate your understanding during these challenging times, and above all wish that you stay safe and well. 


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